Aircraft Exhaust

Experimental Aircraft Exhaust, Inc. is a premier builder of high end experimental aircraft exhaust. Our aircraft exhaust systems are fabricated to meet the customers exact specifications. By utilizing our unique exhaust mock up kit, we can build virtually any design you can configure. Since we are extensively tooled, our capabilities enables us to have a broad spectrum of aircraft exhaust fabrication capabilities. With years of aircraft exhaust experience, we can help you with everything from the design process and material selection to exhaust system installation and maintenance. We look forward to your next aircraft exhaust challenge. 

Performance Aircraft Exhaust


 Custom Fabricated Aircraft Exhaust


 Aircraft Exhaust Components


Experimental Aircraft Exhaust, Inc. offers a wide variety of exhaust components such as:

  • 321 stainless mandrel bends
  • Aircraft Cabin heat muffs
  • Aircraft exhaust flanges
  • exhaust ball joints
  • Merge Collectors
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